Subtitle D Procedure Expertise

Whether in the site design or capping phase, we can help your project realize its full potential and avoid costly missteps

Because Cover Technologies’ turnkey landfill remediation management takes a comprehensive view of every phase involved in Subtitle D compliance, we are able to identify efficiencies and opportunities that a disparate group of attorneys, CFOs, engineers, contractors, and less experienced parties simply can’t see.

Design — We partner with engineering firms in the design phase, bringing specialized insight derived from our remediation-specific experience that improves potential outcomes for the site. We can even assume the design responsibilities entirely.

Regulatory —  Throughout the regulatory process, our experience at state and federal levels helps keep the project in compliance and on-schedule.

Grading — In part due to our knowledge of effective cap design, our approach to managing the grading process maximizes use of the site and potential revenues.

Post-Closure — Industry-specific knowledge from across the waste management industry provides responsible parties with options that reduce long-term costs, better manage liabilities, and create new potential site uses.

Comprehensive Oversight, Specialized Insight

Cover Technologies has decades of experience working with the many different parties that can be involved in the site remediation process: lawyers, engineering firms, land owners, corporations, cities and towns, regulators, vendors, contractors, and the communities at large. We are able to anticipate potential ecological hazards, as well as provide a more unified cost/benefit analysis of the many variables involved in the years-long remediation process (and, perhaps more importantly, the decades-long post-closure status).

Today, it should be clear to everyone that landfill remediation is not just a matter of bulldozers. Hazards that are not appropriately anticipated can be costly, and the implications severe. Relying on disparate vendors and contractors, with oversight from parties that may never have managed the landfill remediation process invites greater complexity and obscures the long-term vision that financial viability depends on.

Cover Technologies not only provides a single answer, but the right one.