Landfill Remediation Management

Our turnkey solution to Subtitle D and other remediation procedures relieves responsible parties of years of complex risk scenarios and compliance hurdles

Effective landfill remediation is a challenge to both public and private entities. Navigating the regulatory process, coordinating different specialized vendors for different phases of the project, anticipating and/or reacting to field modifications that arise, establishing a long-term plan for post-closure re-use — these are only the beginning of all that’s involved.

Cover Technologies has experience helping municipalities, corporations, and land owners overcome the complexities and risks of the multi-year remediation process by providing a unique and specialized turnkey solution.

Insight, Expertise & Resources

Cover Technologies brings forward innovative approaches and full-spectrum understanding of the economic pluses and minuses at each phase in the process.

During the planning phases, we are able to identify opportunities for greater long-term efficiency and assist hands-on in plan design. Our experience working with state and federal regulators keeps the process on-track and helps prevent the delays and potential violations that can cause projects to drag on and on, disrupt the coordination required between different vendors and property owners, and increase economic burdens. Bringing together knowledge from many sectors of the waste management industry, Cover Technologies identifies opportunity to maximize the long-term financial impact of the fill-and-cap process in a way that is equal parts environmentally and economically beneficial.

Landfill remediation always involves variables and risk. When you partner with Cover Technologies, you no longer face those risks alone.