Protecting Long-Term Interests

As a comprehensive partner, we recognize the overall economics

When a remediation project involves multiple, separate vendors, the contractor charged with building the cap is only thinking of one thing: get the job done fast and get to the next one. That kind of thinking overlooks the long-term potential for the site post-closure, as well as the potentially hazardous (and expensive) problems a poorly planned, hastily structured cap can create if it becomes structurally compromised.

Partnering with Cover Technologies results in a totally different approach, with the potential for much more positive long-term benefits to the responsible parties. The difference is becoming increasingly noticeable as the reach of long-term liability for groundwater and other contamination risks appears to be extending in perpetuity.

Sustainable Post-Closure

Counter to the short-term approach inherent when a project involves multiple contractors who only take responsibility for their single role, Cover Technologies is fully invested in a site’s long term functional stability. The construction of a high quality cap during remediation realizes optimal capital inflows and greatly reduce contamination risks. The combination of our site design knowledge, our haul/fill/grading management expertise, and our access to industry-specific innovations yields significant mid- and long-term financial benefits.

Experience has taught us how often responsible parties miscalculate the long-term costs of site maintenance — a difference that can easily move a project from the black to the red. Damage from heavy rains or intense wind can compromise a poorly designed cap in ways that can cost millions and take years to resolve. (Think about it: a storm of once-in-a-decade severity will likely strike a site three times during the 30-year liability window.) Even the more predictable effects of erosion and ascertainable costs of mowing and other maintenance can run into six figures or more over the decades.

Because we are a comprehensive partner throughout the process, Cover Technologies’ approach to establishing post-closure functional stability supports the long-term environmental and fiscal viability of your project in ways no individual vendor will.